Current students: Use the Disability Services tab in MyLynx for links to services and answers to common questions.

Registration Process

Students with a disability are encouraged to contact the Office for Disability Services (ODS). Students aren’t required to make this contact, nor will the contact force students to use any accommodation services. However, in order to establish eligibility for disability-related accommodations at Lincoln College, students must register with ODS. Registration is a 5-step process:

  1. Contact ODS: Office 106B in the Academic Building on the Normal campus; (309) 268-4321;
  2. Complete the registration form and submit current documentation of the disability. Ask the clinical diagnosing or treating professional to complete and submit the Diagnosing Professional Form and any other appropriate documentation to ODS. Useful documentation will include a professional diagnostic statement describing the current functional impact of the disability, including treatments, medication, accommodations currently in use, and the expected progression of the disability over time.
  3. ODS will review all documentation received.
  4. Make an appointment to meet with ODS for a structured interview.
  5. Upon student request, ODS will issue an official letter to instructors that outlines approved accommodations.

Since accommodations are designed around student need for each class, you’ll need to request new letters of accommodation at the beginning of each semester. Unless there is substantial change in the impact of the disability, a single registration will apply throughout your enrollment at Lincoln College.

Students’ ODS files are maintained for 5 years after the student leaves Lincoln College; after that time, the files are destroyed in a secure manner. Students who return to Lincoln after an absence of more than 5 years will need to complete the registration process again with updated documentation.

Registration Forms and ODS Student Handbook

In order to complete your registration with ODS, all required forms must be completed and submitted

ODS Handbook