Current faculty and staff members:
Use the Disability Services tab in MyLynx to learn more about disability services at Lincoln College and to find answers to some common questions.

Lincoln College is committed to providing individuals with disabilities complete access to all College programs. As a College, we are legally and ethically responsible for providing all educational materials in accessible format to every student who has met admissions criteria and been accepted into the College.

The Office for Disability Services (ODS) is responsible for working with students with disabilities to identify and implement appropriate accommodations. Students must register with ODS to receive academic accommodations. If students ask you to provide any classroom accommodations or offer you documentation of a disability, direct them to ODS.

As part of the registration process students must provide supporting documentation about their disability from an appropriate professional. After that documentation has been evaluated, students meet with ODS to identify accommodations designed to mitigate the impact of the disability.

Once appropriate accommodations have been identified, upon student request, ODS provides a letter outlining the approved accommodations, which the student generally emails to instructors prior to the first class session. Upon receiving an ODS letter, instructors should be available to communicate with students about the best way to implement the accommodation(s) while respecting the students’ right to privacy.

Accommodations may provide for the student to take tests and quizzes in a different manner than other students in your class. Examples of the most common alternative testing arrangements are:

  • Extended Time: This accommodation is appropriate for students whose disability causes significantly slower reading, writing, or organization of information.
  • Distraction-Reduced Room: This accommodation is appropriate for students whose disability significantly impacts their concentration or renders them highly subject to distraction. It may also be appropriate for students who employ test-taking strategies that may interfere with other students in the class (e.g., reading questions aloud).
  • Alternative Formats: Providing examinations in audio format, in Braille or large print, or with a reader is appropriate for students with visual or reading impairments.

  • Change in Date of Test: This accommodation may be appropriate for students whose disabilities fluctuate (e.g., depression, diabetes, chronic illness). Such students may request a reasonable postponement provided they make timely notice of their request and the request relates to active symptoms of their disability.

Faculty Responsibilities

Disability Services Statements in Syllabus

All syllabi must include a statement directing students who wish to request accommodations based on a disability to the Office for Disability Services.

The following statement is a recommended example:

Lincoln College is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities at the College. The Office for Disability Services (106B) works with students to identify and implement appropriate accommodations. Students who wish to request  accommodations based on a documented disability should contact the Office for Disability Services (ODS) in Office 106B.

Phone: 309.268.4321

Respecting Confidentiality

A student’s specific diagnosis and documentation are confidential, and you may not require the student or ODS to share that information with you. Please maintain confidentiality by not discussing a student’s disability except with staff or faculty directly involved in providing services or accommodations.

Providing Approved Accommodations

Lincoln College is legally obligated to provide accommodations for qualified individuals. Students who present a Letter of Accommodation from ODS have complied with the College’s established guidelines and are entitled to receive accommodations.

Accommodations are intended to mitigate the impact of a disability, not reduce the rigor of a course. If you believe any of the specified accommodations would constitute a fundamental alteration of a course objective, please submit the Faculty Accommodations Appeal Form to ODS immediately. You are responsible to continue providing the accommodation while the appeal is being considered.